This week I wasn’t able to shoot much, due to a death virus which is popular in Denver right now. It’s been a major drag because there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to shoot, and do! My snowboard has been mocking me from the corner the whole time. I almost had to hide it from myself.

There was one opportunity, however, and I had to toughen up and drive all the way to the end of the street!

After hearing about the “last Supermoon of the year” I did a little research. The moon was set to rise above the horizon at 7:00 and the sunset was at 7:15. That means that the light hitting the moon should be extra dramatic (long light from the setting sun), and furthermore the azimuth of said moonrise was 87⁰, or roughly due east. Sloan Lake, just down the street from me, is a beautiful place to photograph early or late in the day, and the Denver Skyline is basically on the same azimuth in relation to the western shore of the lake.

For those of you who believe in the Moon, the term “Supermoon” refers to a night when the lunar orbit’s closest point coincides with a Full moon phase. The tides and other gravitational forces impact the Moon’s orbit, making it elliptical as opposed to a perfect circle.

Getting down to the west shore of the lake, there were many photographers who had obviously done the same research I did, I must have seen 40 tripods there on the lake and I didn’t even mind.

Photographers taking in the Supermoon at Sloan Lake. Photo courtesy of TheWildWildChippo Photography.

The view was stunning! A bright orange moon, as big as can be, rose up right out out of the skyline. I wish I had arrived a few minutes earlier to maybe catch it before it had completely cleared the buildings, but it was still great, both to see and to get out and shoot in general.

“Supermoon Over Sloan’s Lake” was actually my first shot of the night. It captures the mood of the scene, and as you can guess, I was stoked to have my first shot of the night turn out with such popping complimentary colors, adding to the drama and mood of this urban Supermoon.

Sloan Lake Supermoon

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