Artist Bio - Wilderness Exclusives

Photography is a striking and powerful means of communication. It can convey so many emotions, display an array of idiosyncrasies in a situation- and a photographer has as many options to convey his perspective as he cares to explore.

A great photo opportunity can present itself at any time, and I feel that photography will be a huge part of my life forever as a means of storing and sharing memories from life's moments. Photography inspires me to live life-- to live out new experiences, visit new places, and these in turn inspire my love of this art form.

Photography to me is all about learning: about new places, or ways to shoot a scene using different techniques or perspectives. I'm always striving to learn new ways to interpret a scene, and how to convey how it makes me feel.  Art isn't necessarily about what the viewer sees, but what they feel: that's what makes art enjoyable.

As a human being, my goal is that some of my images may outlive me and show people some of my life's experiences from my own perspective. Most of all, I hope people that view my pictures come away from the experience having a memory or emotion inspired by the interaction. 


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